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Canteen Conduct Policy

Our Bartenders




Our Canteen DOES NOT open before

12 pm on Wednesday thru Sunday.

Please observe these hours as we have business to carry out before opening.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.



Your Bartenders  work hard to please you and keep  you satisfied.

Please treat them with respect and they will treat you with respect. 


Canteen Manager

Beverly Frazier

Please DO NOT take Alcoholic Beverages out the front door of the post. This is against the law and we could lose our license.

Please don't make us make an example of you!!!!

If you ring the buzzer to get into the Post please be prepared to show your membership card!!!

Our bartenders have been instructed to ask all canteen patrons that don't use their key card to check membership cards and advise our patrons to please use their key card instead of just ringing the buzzer to get in.

If you are not a member you may be refused service!!!!

Please Drink Responsibly!!!!!

Let the bartender call you a cab if you've had too much to drink.